Insights & Observations

  • Higher income people spend more time on average on personal care.
  • Asians tended to spend less time on average on personal care and more time working than people in other racial categories.
  • Women spend more time on average on household activities and more on personal care

Gender Race Income Employment

The donut graph shows the distribution of different demographic characteristics (gender, family income, employment status, and race) within our dataset. Our data set consists of 4085 observations. We took out any observaton with NIU values for the relevant variables we would like to look at, including employment status, school enrollment, family income, race, and gender. The parallel coordinates allow user to view differences in the average amount of time that different demographic groups spend on various categories of time use. For instance, user can view and compare the average amount of work time, leisure, household activities between female and male, ammong different races, across different family incomes, etc.