Insights & Observations

  • Differences between gender were not as vast between categories as expected. There was a surprisingly large amount of overlap between genders across all states.

  • Unemployment among women was higher than for men, as indicated by the greater frequency of women who work less than 1 hour a day.

  • People in North Dakota spent more time in their day doing leisure activities than people in any other state.

  • Time spent on education tends to be greater for women than for men across all states.

Time Spent on Work

[ All States ]

The choropleth map shows average hours in various categories of time use across different states in the US. Color intensity reflects the average number of hours. Hover over each state to see the distributions of hours that females and males in each state spend for each category of time use in the histogram to the left.

Hover over the map to see the gender breakdown for that state.